1. Any individual seeking employment from Ward 2 of the Mpofana Municipality and Ward 3 from the uMngeni Municipality can drop of their CV at the employment office in Nottingham Road. The choice of Wards is endorsed by the Mayors of both these municipalities.
  2. The CV must be accompanied by a signed letter from the relevant Ward Councillor. This is to ensure that the individual resides within these wards.
  3. A “bucket/hat system” is used to draw names of the applicants for employments. The municipalities are allocated separate bucket/hat and the proportion between the wards is agreed at each draw.
  4. Only Mr Douglas Bowmaker-Falconer of WBHO Construction draws concealed names when new employees are required. The read out names are then employed.
  5. During this process, the Ward Councillors and Community Liaison Officer (who manages the employment office in Nottingham Road) are present. Any member of the public wishing to witness this may also be present, but arrangements have to be made with the CLO.
  6. When there are employment opportunities, the successful individuals (drawn from the bucket/hat) are contracted by WBHO Construction and requested to present themselves on site for medical tests and construction inductions.