Members and organisations formally mandated to represent the interests of their constituencies at EMC meetings for the Water Transfer System are kindly requested to observe and abide by the following rules:

  1. Only formally nominated Members and Deputy Members together with those in the ‘Invited Guests’ category are permitted to attend meetings and participate in the proceedings that follow.
  2. If Members and/or Deputy Members are unable to attend a meeting, apologies must be tendered in advance to the ECO, for proper records to be maintained.
  3. Where both the Member and his/her Deputy are unable to attend a meeting, the ECO must be notified in advance of the person who has been selected to represent the organisation/constituency. Failure to do so will disqualify participation.
  4. Members are reminded that failure on the part of a nominated member organisation to attend three (3) consecutive meetings will cause membership to lapse.
  5. The EMC is not a public body, but is formally constituted under a representative framework of stakeholders, however, should any member of the public wish to attend an EMC meeting an application should be forwarded to either the ECO or the EMC Chairperson one week in advance of the date requesting permission to attend. Observer status will apply in such cases.
  6. Late arrival at an EMC meeting is both discourteous to the functionaries and the members present. Please respect the need for punctuality. Meetings start at 16h00 sharp (attendees seated and ready) and end in the region of 18h00.

An appeal is made to all members to treat attendance with the correct degree of seriousness in order that the full spectrum of participation (and the attainment of a quorum) is achieved.

Contact details:

EMC Chairman - Mr David Cook: 083 447 8990 or cookenviro@futurenet.co.za

ECO - Mr Stephen Burton: 083 795 2804 or stephenb@sivest.co.za