Should you wish to attend an EMC Meeting as an observer, you will need to notify the EMC Chair, Mr David Cook on 0834478990 or at least 10 days before a scheduled EMC Meeting. Meetings are usually held on the first Wednesday of every alternate month. Permission to attend is at the discretion of the EMC Chair.


All complaints and issues raised my members of the public must in the first instance be directed to the Social Monitor. The responsible person is, Katie Fenenga. She can be contacted on: 0833874604 or Katie maintains the Issues and Complaints Register. Every issue and/or complaint is allocated a reference number for the purposes of tracking the status. The issue/complaint in question will be formally investigated and subjected to monitoring by the independant ECO.

A complainant may appeal the outcome to an issue officially registered with the Social Monitor provided that full details of the appeal are supplied in writing to the EMC Chair not later that three (3) weeks following the advice of the official response. Thereafter, the Chairman may at his /her discretion submit the outcome of the appeal to the EMC for information purposes and/or further action as may be required.