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KSEMS has been appointed by TCTA to undertake the Environmental Basic Assessment process for the new 88kV Spring Grove Tee powerline. KSEMS as the independent environmental consultants will undertake Basic Assessment Report (BAR). KSEMS is responsible for the overall project management and BAR documentation, the management and undertaking of the required Public Participation Process (PPP).

KSEMS is an established environmental management consultancy which has been based in KZN since 1998. We are one of the leading environmental management consultancies in KZN and have clients throughout Southern Africa. KSEMS has been involved in the development of over 600 infrastructure projects (including roads, gas pipelines, stormwater reticulations, water reticulation, communication, electricity infrastructure etc) in South Africa in both large and small scale projects, as infrastructure projects are largely linear in nature and have both specific impacts and mitigation measures KSEMS has the experience to deliver an informed environmental focused service during the required EIA process.

Kerry Stanton (Director) is EAPSA certified and is a member of the IAIASA. As such they uphold the professional, moral and ethical obligations of these bodies in ensuring that they operate as an independent body in the assessment of environmental impacts of any project in which they are involved.